National Seminar on Professional Competencies for Teacher Educators in 21st Century
13th National Alumni Meet
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The Alumni Association Of Education, BHU
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The advent of 21st century has brought fundamental changes in the very structure and functioning of education system. There are a plethora of issues that need discussion, debate and consensus through exchange of ideas regionally, nationally and globally. One of the major issues is that the education system today has to prepare reflexive individuals who are able to gain skills, apply them in depth in a wide array of contexts and in the process enrich their competencies to build relationships and assume new roles. Constant adaptation to the changing needs of the context, learning from the change and accountability for one’s own decisions is what characterize a reflexive individual. Such change in the skills and competencies in the new century has initiated change in teacher education programs for preparing teachers. This creates the ground for discussion about the skills and competencies required of the teacher educators in the changed context of 21st century. Teacher educators are endowed with the responsibility of preparing teachers for the classrooms with which they generally had had no experience. The fact provides additional perspective for rethinking about the very way teacher educators are prepared, who further prepare the like and thus promote the tendency to reproduce and maintain status quo. Lack of significant interaction among the teacher educators and the school teachers further raises doubt regarding their professional competency. A great deal of attention has been given to the nature of teaching and the qualities a good teacher ought to possess. However, there has been little emphasis on the specific skills that teacher educators should have. In the light of the challenges that emerged out of the problems infesting the present day teacher education system, it is appropriate to discuss the issues of skills and competencies needed for the teacher educators in context of competencies required to sustain the rapidly changing social and economic scenario of 21st century. To achieve the goal an academic event in form of National Seminar cum Workshop under the auspices of AAE, BHU is proposed on the theme “Professional Competencies for Teacher Educators in 21st Century” with the following subthemes:


  1. Dimensions of Professional Competencies: General View
  2. Skill Based Professional Competencies needed for Teacher Educators: Identification, Description and Development of specific Skills
  3. Evaluation of Teacher Educators: Whether Standards should exist or not? What is the way out?

Venue and Organizers

Banaras Hindu University, Faculty of Education, “Alumni Association of Education, BHU”, Kamachha, Varanasi-10. (As proposed)


After 30.06.2014 to 30.09.2014
On the spot Registration:
(*It will include seminar materials, breakfast, lunch and tea-snacks on seminar days only.
Fee should be sent to the Organizing Secretary in cash/draft/core banking in the favour of “Alumni Association of Education,BHU” S.B.I., Kamachha account no. 10341356342 payable at Varanasi, latest by 30th June 2014. It should be attached with the duly filled registration form.)
Accommodation Fee (Subject to timely registration and availability):
In addition to registration fee Rs. 400/ (Four Hundred)should be paid for advance booking of guest house/hotel in Varanasi. This can be paid along with registration fee latest by 30th June 2014.( The food charges during stay at guest house will have to be paid by delegates. For persons accompanying the delegates separate charges for accommodation will have to be paid in advance and same should be mentioned in the registration form). The accommodation charges will be adjusted as per actual expense at the time of conference days only.
Stay at Varanasi: Varanasi is a city of religious, cultural and educational importance for people of all faiths .It is mildly cold during the period of November. It is linked by rail and road to Delhi, Calcutta, Lucknow ,Allahabad,Agra,Patna, Madras, Ahmedabad, Bombay and all other major cities of the country.It is also linked by air to New Delhi. Faculty of Education,B.H.U. is situated at Kamachha Campus of B.H.U. in mid of the city .It is about 5 Km from Varanasi Cantt. Railway Station and Bus station, whereas about 22Km from airport situated at Babatpur.Autorickshaws and cars are available from all the places to Kamachha Campus of B.H.U. and to the Guest Houses (Laxman Das GH,University GH,Institute of Technology GH, and Faculty GH) situated in the main campus of B.H.U. near Lanka. Seminar related enquiry counter with conveyance facility will work at railway station exit gates to escort the delegates to the seminar venue and the Guest Houses.


Organising Secretaries
1. Dr. Ajeet Kumar Rai (Faculty of Education,BHU,Kamachha, Varanasi-10,U.P.)
2. Dr. Raghavendra Narayan Sharma ((Faculty of Education,BHU,Kamachha, Varanasi-10,U.P.)

Joint Secretary
Mr. Pankaj Singh(Faculty of Education,BHU,Kamachha, Varanasi-10,U.P.)

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