Please Make Contributions to the Association

The Alumni Association Of Education has risen to its present status, propelled by the good wishes of its Patrons and relentless efforts of its members. As it is a non profitable body its resources are built by contributions and donations of philanthropic firms and individuals. All members and non members are requested to donate generously to built up a corpus money for the association so that its aims and objectives can be furthered.

As per the laws and by laws of the association, persons donating Rs. 11000 or more shall be the 'Patrons' of AAE B.H.U.

Over the past years the association has been fortunate to receive contributions from alumni as well as non members

All monetary transactions are through the SBI Account Number 10341356342, State Bank of India, Kamachha, Varanasi

The following persons have contributed to the association

1. Dr. Sujata Saha Rs. 500/-
2. Dr. Gayatri Singh Rs. 500/-
3. Prof. Geeta Rai Rs. 1155/-
4. Dr. Purnima Kumari Varshney Rs. 1000/-
5. Prof. Rajeshwar Upadhyaya Rs. 10,000/-

Acknowledgment to donors

The Alumni Association of Education, BHU is grateful to the following philanthropic firms for having contributed for the National Seminar on "Higher Education: Retrospect and Prospect" organised on the 17th and 18th November, 2007 at the Faculty of Education, B.H.U. (Kamachha Complex)

1. Kalpadrrum Limited: Towers and Estate Builders of Ambrosia Luxury Residences Varanasi Rs. 5000/-
2. Dr. Gyanendra Tripathi (Videography and photography for the entire seminar)
3. Universal Books, Lanka Varanasi (Banners for the seminar)
4. Swastik computers (for advertisement on back page of Souvenir)Rs. 3000/-
5. Vikash Drawing Emporium: Writing pads in the Seminar kit
6. Crystal Bowl, Ravindrapuri, Varanasi (for advertisement) Rs.1500/-
7. Kejriwal Saree Shop, Lanka, Varanasi (for advertiement)Rs.1500 /-
8. Shree Hare Krishna Jwellers, Shakhumbari Crossing, Varanasi (for advertiement)Rs.1500/-
9. Savera Saree Shop, Lanka Varanasi.(for advertiement)Rs. 1000/-
10. Poorvanchal P.G. College (for advertisement) Rs.1000/-
11. S.P.M.F. N.G.O. (for advertisement) Rs.1000/-
12. Chandra Jewellers Orderly Bazar, Varanasi (for advertisement) Rs.1000/-
13. Kejriwal accessories Nadesar, Varanasi (for advertisement) Rs.1000/-
14. Cantt tailors Varanasi (for advertisement) 300/-

Faculty of Education, BHU (c) 2007.
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